Safety Servicing

What is ‘Safety Servicing’?

Safety servicing is a external auditing system designed to give you an ongoing understanding of how your business is performing

What’s included in a ‘Safety Servicing’?

Like any hygiene service through B A Ireland Services, you can expect the normal guidance & recommendations whilst providing you with information you can act on.
“And that’s only the start…”

Every ‘Safety Servicing’ includes

  • Fridge & Freezer Checks & Recording (Including Seal condition)
  • Probe Calibrations completed
  • Fire Fighting Equipment Checks
  • Escape Route Checks
  • Emergency Lighting Checks
  • Fire Drill & Alarm Checks
  • HACCP/Food Safety management/ Records Review (for the past month)
  • Mini Food Hygiene Audit
  • Mini Bar/ Front of House Hygiene/Safety Audit
  • Food Equipment Inspection (Complex Machines/Not covered in Audits)
  • Pest Checks
  • Health & Safety Checks (Risk Assessments, First Aid Boxes, First Aiders)
  • Staff Training : 20-30 minutes sessions (New subject on each visit):
    • COSHH
    • Fire Safety
    • Health & Safety in the workplace
    • Pathogens & Bacteria
    • Allergens
    • Acrylamide
    • Cleaning
    • Cross Contamination
    • …and so on…
  • Recommended areas of improvement to be completed by the next Servicing

How long does a ‘Safety Servicing’ take to complete?

Safety Servicing takes around 2 hours to complete with the 30 minute training session.

How can a ‘Safety Servicing’ benefit my business?

Other than offering valuable advice and recommendations on how to improve your standards. Safety servicing provides you with a detailed understanding of areas in your business you might not have time to check whilst keeping up with other important tasks and subjects.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing safety checks are being completed and staff are receiving regular training

How much will a ‘Safety Servicing’ cost?

Depending how often you plan to have your Safety Servicing will depend how much it cost you. See below for your 3 options:

One off Servicing – £44.00
Monthly Servicing – £39.20
Weekly Servicing – £35.00

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